Thursday, November 19, 2009

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Akash Bangla is a famous Bengali television station that displays daily soap operas, serials and movies for the common people in India and abroad.

We all know Bengal as the cultural capital of india because of many reasons. Bengal is diverse in riches which have been reflected through its saints, music, handicrafts, cultural, creativity,

colourful rituals, traditions and festivals. Just as the vibrant cultural heritage, the true colours of Bengal carry its every essence by entering into our everyday life through Aakaash Bangla the complete Bengali satellite infotainment channel.

Aakaash has the right combination of programmes tuned to every age group, every taste and every trend understanding the Bengali mindset and Bengali emotions.

It stands out from the other Bengali infotainment channels.Aakaash Bangla is the only infotainment channel which has come up with a new look.

This new look will provide new genres of programmes like telefilms, dramas, comedies, soaps, thrillers, cartoons, feature films, sports, news, talk shows, realty shows and an endless variety of live entertainment programmes.

Aakaash Bangla, the complete Bengali satellite infotainment channel.

Some of the famous daily serials are listed below

Popular programmes

1. Lakkhi chana one of the most popular tv serial for little ones.

Ghoom Bhangar Gaan

1. Kabi Katha

2. Akash Barta

3. Jabardast Matinee

4. Radhuni

5. Aj Bangla

6. Aay Bristi Jhepe

7. Basundhara

8. Kurukhetra

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